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Midwest dog crate tray replacements are a composite plastic pan designed to fit Midwest dog crates and replace the previously sold midwest metal dog crate pans. The Midwest dog crate trays come with a 1-year warranty. The approximate size of dog crate is listed below on the dog crate tray replacement chart along with some of the actual dimensions of Midwest dog crate trays.

If your dog crate is not listed below please contact us and we will find the dog crate replacement tray for your dog crate.

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Other Brands of Dog Crate Replacement Pans & Trays

General Cage Dog Crate Pans > Metal Dog Crate Pans, WHITE EPOXY Metal Dog Crate Pans, BLACK EPOXY Metal Dog Crate Pans, & GENERAL CAGE Plastic Dog Crate Pans! Looking for a metal dog crate pan see our General Cage Dog Crate Pans to see if we have a size that might fit your dog crate.
Central Metal Products Dog Crate Replacement Pans & Trays >  both plastic & metal dog crate trays pans.
Precision Dog Crate Replacement Pans & Trays >  both plastic & metal dog crate trays pans.

Click the dog crate replacement tray part number below to see the price or click this link see all our dog crate replacement pans.



Midwest Crate Pans Trays #
Replacement Tray for Dog Crate fit Midwest Crates:

Replacement Dog Crate PANs & TRAYs for Midwest Drop Pin Dog Crates
1024,1124,2020,2120,21ECN,37ZN (24x20)( Tray 22 7/8"x18 1/8"x1") DISCONTINUED dog crate pan 1 PAN details. 
1030,1130,22ECN,39C,39ZN (30x23)( Tray 29 1/8"x21 3/8"x1") DISCONTINUED dog crate pan click 2 PAN for details.
1036, 1136, 23ECN, 35ZN, 36C, 36ZN, SL35ST (36x23) ( Tray 35 1/8"x21 3/8"x1") DISCONTINUED - See 28PAN!
1042, 1142, 24ECN, 37C, 86Z (42x26) ( Tray 40 3/8"x24 1/4"x1") DISCONTINUED by Midwest! We offer a METAL dog crate tray see 4 PAN for details!
89, 1048, 1148, 25ECN, 89C (48x30) ( Tray 46 3/8"x28 1/4"x1") DISCONTINUED click 5 PAN for details! 

Replacement Dog Crate PANs TRAYs for Midwest Fold and Carry Dog Crates
1518, 1518DD (18x12) ( Tray 16 7/8"x11 1/2"x1")
1522, 1522DD, 1622, 1622DD, 600, 2010 (22x13) ( Tray 21 1/4"x12 5/8"x1")
1224, 1624, 1624DD, 1624PC, 1624UL, 1724/DT/CC2/DD2, 1924, 502, 602, 702BK, 724UP (24x18) ( Pan 23 1/2"x17 5/8"x1")
1324TD, 1524, 1524DD (icrate&select) (24x18) ( Tray 22 7/8"x16 5/8"x1")
1230, 1630, 1630DD, 1630UL, 1730/DT/CC2/DD2, 1936, 504, 604, 704BK, 730UP (30x21) ( Pan 29 1/2"x20 5/8"x1")
1330TD, 1530, 1530DD (icrate&select) (30x19) ( Tray 29"x18 1/4"x1")
1236, 1636, 1636DD, 1636UL, 1736/DT/CC2/DD2, 1936, 506, 606, 606DD, 706BK, 736UP (36x24) ( Pan 35 1/4"x23 1/2"x1")
1336TD, 1536, 1536DD (icrate&select), 1036, 1136, 23ECN, 35ZN, 36C, 36ZN, SL35ST (36x23) ( Tray 35"x21 5/8"x1")
1242, 1342TD, 1542, 1542DD, 1642, 1642DD, 1642UL, 1742/DT/CC2/DD2, 1942, 508, 608, 608DD, 708BK, 742UP (42x28)
( Pan 41"x27 3/8"x1")
1248, 1348TD, 1548, 1548DD, 1648, 1648DD, 1648UL, 1748/DT/CC2/DD2, 1948, 510, 610, 710BK, 748UP (48x30)
( Pan 46 7/8"x29 1/8"x1")

Replacement Dog Cage TRAYs & PANs for Midwest Side by Side Dog Crates
606SS, SL36SUV (36x21) ( Pan 35 5/16" x 20")
608SS, SL42SUV (42x21) ( Pan 41"x20")

Replacement Dog Crate TRAYs PANs for Midwest Giant Dog Crates
1154U (54x35) (Tray 52-1/2"x33-1/8"x1")
1154/1154N, 99/99N, SL54DD (54x37) ( Tray 52 1/4"x34 7/8"x1")

Replacement Crate TRAYs PANs for Midwest Puppy Playpen Crates
224-05/10 (24x36) (Dog Crate Pan size 36 x 24-1/4 x 1)
236-05/10 (36x36) (2 Trays/Carton) (Dog Crate Pan size (36-7/8 x 17-7/8 x 1)
248-05/10 (48x48) (2 Trays/Carton) (Each dog crate pan 47-3/4"x23-3/4"x1")

Replacement PANs for Midwest BayIsle Crates
1824 BayIsle (24x20)
1830 BayIsle (30x23)
1836 BayIsle (36x23)

Replacement Trays for Bird Cages
2000, 2100, 2200 Bird Cage (36x24)

Replacement Trays for Cat and Feret Cages
130 Cat Cage (35 3/4 x 23 1/2), 141/142 Feret Cage (36x25) Solid Feret Cage Pan
142/143 Feret Cage (35x25) Corner-cutout Feret Cage Pan

Replacement Trays for Rabbit Cages
151 Rabbit Cage (25x19) Being Discontinued - Low Stock!
154 Rabbit Cage (31x19) Discontinued Rabbit Cage Pan No Longer Available!
157 Rabbit Cage (37x19) (Pan 36"x18") Being Discontinued - Low Stock!
General Cage see General Cage Dog Crate Pan Replacement Tray (Both Plastic and Metal Dog Crate Trays)
Central Metal see Central Metal Products Dog Crate Replacement Tray Pan
Precision Trays see Precision Metal Dog Crate Trays and Pan / see Precision Plastic Dog Crate Trays and Pans



Select the replacement tray for dog crate part number above to see details of the dog crate replacement tray. Again, the metal dog crate pan is replaced by the plastic dog crate replacement tray. Please contact us for questions about dog crate replacment trays.

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