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Midwest Replacement Dog Crate Pan

Product #:  3PAN
Brand:  Midwest

3PAN Midwest Replacement Dog Crate Pan

3PAN replacement dog crate pan fits the following Midwest Dog Crate Models:
  • 1036, 1136, 23ECN, 35ZN, 36C, 36ZN, SL35ST (approx. size dog crate 36 x 23) (Pan Size 35 1/8" x 21 3/8" x 1")

The Midwest Dog Crate 3PAN Tray is now DISCONTINUED and the new replacement tray part number is the 28PAN Midwest Dog Crate Replacement Tray! The 28PAN is slightly different in measurement - please verify that the 28PAN measurements will work for your needs! 

*Note: Image might be slightly different from actual pan.  The image is to show you that you are purchasing a replacement pan for a Midwest Dog Crate.
Price:  $999.99

   3PAN Midwest Replacement Dog Crate Pan
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Price: $999.99

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