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Dog exercise pens come in a variety of styles and heights, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Most exercise pens come with 8 sides, can be arranged in a rectangle or octagon shape. The height of the dog exercise pen can vary from 24” to 48” tall, so you can match the dog exercise pen you need to the size of your dog. Most important when selecting the height of a dog exercise pen is to understand your pets jumping ability.  When determining how tall your dogs exercise pen should be, consider objects around the house (inside & out) that you pet can leap over - using this to help determine the appropriate height of Ex-Pen for your dog.  Note: A larger dog might not require as high of an exercise pen as a smaller dog due to how high smaller dogs can jump.

A dog exercise pen is not only for dogs but can be used for other pets, such as rabbits and ducks.  Ex-Pens with wire tops can be used for chickens and cats. 

Dog exercise pens come in wire, mesh, and wood. Wire dog exercise pens are our most popular type of exercise pen. An alternative to an exercise pen is a dog kennel. Some dog kennels are portable allowing you to move them with you while traveling.

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A Dog Exercise Pen is a great way to contain your dog while allowing them to exercise. This is definitely a great gift for any dog. A very popular choice of our customers is to combine the dog exercise pen with a dog crate. Since most of our exercise pens can be easily attached to the dog crate, you can provide your new puppy as well as older dogs, a home (dog crate) but also a restricted area to play and exercise.

We carry accessories for dog exercise pens and kennels. Sunscreens provide shade for your pet and the Snap’y Fit Stainless Steel Bowls can be clipped onto wire dog exercise pens to prevent spills.

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