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Perimeter Dog Fence, Perimeter Wifi Fence, Perimeter Wifi Dog Fence System, Perimeter Wireless Dog Fence & Accessories

Regardless the type of Perimeter Dog Fence you have in mind we have the latest Perimeter Underground Dog Fence and Wireless Dog Fence or what is know as the WiFi Dog Fence System by Perimeter.

Perimeter Dog Fence receiver collars and batteries to fit both the WiFi Dog Fence System and Underground Dog Fence System.

Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence System
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Perimeter Underground Dog Fence Systems

 Perimeter Underground Dog Fence Coverage

  • 500' underground dog fence boundary wire - 1/3-1/2 acre
  • 50 dog fence boundary flags
  • maximum coverage area 5 acres or 5000' with purchase of addition boundary wire
  • listed right are the differences between the Perimeter underground dog fence systems 
  • See product details for additional features of Perimeter Underground Dog Fence 
  • Free Shipping on Underground Dog Fence Containment Systems
Basic Ultra Comfort Dog Fence
Wire: 500' 20 Gauge
Lightning Protector: No
Deluxe Ultra Comfort Dog Fence
Wire: 500' 20 Gauge, 100' Pre-Twisted 20 Gauge
Lightning Protector: Yes

Deluxe Ultra Plus Comfort Contact Dog Fence
Wire: 500' 18 Gauge, 100' Pre-Twisted 18 Gauge
Lightning Protector: Yes

How Underground Dog Fence Works


Perimeter Underground Dog Fence Collar Receivers & Dog Fence Receiver Batteries & Dog Fence Receiver Accessories

Add a dog to a Perimeter Underground Dog Fence Containment System or replace an existing Perimeter Underground Dog Fence Collar Receiver. 

Perimeter Dog Fence Collar Receivers are compatible with the perimeter dog fence listed - see product details for additional information.

PTPIR-003 Perimeter Invisible Fence Collar Receiver
ICT700 , ICT725 , ICT750 (Gray Case) , ICT775 (Gray Case) , Invisible Gate™, ICT150 , ICT250 (Dark Blue Case) , ICT100 (Dark Blue Case), ICT100A (Dark Blue Case) , ICT75 (Dark Blue Case) , ICT50 (Dark Blue Case) , AT950 Indoor Transmitter , CT4000

PTPFS-003 Perimeter Collar Receiver
PTPCC-200K Basic Ultra Comfort Contact Dog Fence
PTPCC-200D Deluxe Ultra Comfort Contact Dog Fence
PTPCC-200DP Deluxe PLUS Ultra Comfort Contact Dog Fence


Underground Dog Fence Wire, Flags and Accessories

When purchasing your underground dog fence you may need the following underground dog fence accessories to complete the job. If you plan to expand your dog fence boundaried area more than 1/3 to 1/2 acre you will need additional underground dog fence boundary wire, flags and splices.

If the dog fence boundary is more than just a perimeter area review How Underground Dog Fence Works to determine if twisted wire is needed.

If you are considering installing your underground dog fence above ground read more about above underground dog fence installation in the product details SS-100 Underground Fence Staples.

And by all means if you have any questions please contact us.


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