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What is the benefit of each type of dog gate in a home or out side?

Mounted Pet Gates

Mounted Pet Gates allow the dog owner to hinge the dog gate to a wall, archway, banister, etc. A mounted dog gate is sturdy but can not be removed and stored.

Pressure Mounted Dog Gates

Pressure Mounted Pet Gates are not hinged on an archway or wall area.  This style of dog gates uses a device which puts pressure on both sides of the dog gate so no mounting is required.  The dog gate can be removed and stored when not in use.

Freestanding Pet Gates

Freestanding Pet Gates are normally wider the opening where you want to prevent your pet from entering.  A pet gate of this style may require a little pet training for the pet to understand he/she is not to enter the area.  Like the Pressure Mounted Pet Gates this gate can be stored when not in use.

Some gates offer doors for humans to walk through while the gate is in use.  Pet gates are available in different heights depending on jumping height and height of your pet.

Shown below are the 3 categories: Pressure Mounted Dog Gates, Mounted Dog Gates, and Freestanding Pet Gates. Click the image to see our full selection of pet gates.


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