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We offer a variety of Wire Dog Exercise Pens and/or Pet Exercise Pens at a very good price and fast delivery.

Our most popular exercise pens include the Midwest Gold Exercise Pen with corner stablizer and the NEW "Step-Thru" Door exercise pen from Midwest. Being able to walk into the exercise pen to get you pet or dog is much easier than stepping over the exercise pen sides or trying to crawl through a small door.

Always remember the jumping height of your pet when selecting an exercise pen. If you want additional space two or more wire exercise pens can joined together.

Add a Snap'y Fit Water Bowl or Feed Bowl to your Wire Pet Exercise Pen - Prevents Spills! Available in Exercise Pen Accessories!

Optional Tops/Covers are great for pet exercise pens. The Midwest Wire Tops helps to keep larger debris out of the dog exercise pen, with its best purpose in keeping your pet in the exercise pen, while also keeping intruders out of the exercise pen. See details on other pet exercise pen covers below.

Central Metal Products Dog Exercise Pens ---> NOT AVAILABLE THAT THIS TIME

CMP Exercise Pens for dogs are top quality pet exercise pens that are impervious to sharp teeth. The door of the exercise pen is an exclusive 22-coil spring designed lock to protect the cleverest dog (escape artist) from exiting the ex-pen.

Expansion Tip for Larger Play Area! 

Do you want a larger area than the traditional 4x4 exercise pen space for your dog? Add a 2nd Dog Exercise Pen and provide your dog with a larger play area! Remember when expanding any Exercise Dog Pen play space to consider your dogs jumping height. A larger Ex-Pen allows your dog additional room to jump the exercise dog pen if your dog is a jumper. 

24" Pet Exercise Pen, Dog Exercise Pen


30" Pet Exercise Pen,  Dog Exercise Pen, EX-Pen for Dogs & Pets


36" Pet Exercise Pen,  Dog Exercise Pen, EX-Pen for Dogs & Pets


42" Pet Exercise Pen,  Dog Exercise Pen, EX-Pen for Dogs & Pets


48" Pet Exercise Pen,  Dog Exercise Pen, EX-Pen for Dogs & Pets


Pet Exercise Pen and Dog Exercise Pen Accessories

The covers listed below are designed for Midwest & General Cage Exercise Dog Pens.  Midwest Exercise Pen covers are 4'x4' square which will fit most of the pet exercise pens above.  A few of the exercise pens shown are slightly larger than a 4'x4' square.


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