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We offer Pens in variety of designs and functionality. All of our Dog Pens can be used indoors or outdoors. Most dog pens can also be used in conjunction with a dog crate that provides greater flexibility. Our Dog Pens are great for other pets too, such as rabbits. Our Dog Play Pens are made of heavy gauge wire for extra security and comes with 8 panels. These items are also available in different heights, from 24” tall to 48” tall, so you can match the dog exercise pen you need exactly to the size of your dog.  A dog kennel can also work as a dog pen so visit the dog kennel store to see our different sized dog kennels. 

A Dog Exercise Pen is a great way to contain your dog while allowing them to exercise. This is definitely a great gift for any dog. Our line of exercise play pens is setup in standard octagon configuration. A very popular choice of our customers is an dog exercise playpen combined with a dog crate. Since most of our exercise play pens can be easily attached to the dog crate, you can provide your new puppies as well as older dogs a home (dog crate) but also a restricted area to play and exercise.

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Wire Exercise Dog Pen

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Soft Side Exercise Dog Pen

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Dog Kennel

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Dog Pen Accessories

Wooden Pet Pens

Wooden Pet Pens

We also offer soft pet pens for your dog or litter of puppies. It must be emphasized that these are pet pens, good for dogs and puppies, but also great for any other pets you may have. These are great for containing ferrets, guinea pigs and other similarly sized pets. A soft pet pen can be great because it is considerably more appealing to the eye than metal and plastic dog pens. In addition, they tend to be lighter and easier to transport than a metal pet pen.

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