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1842PAN Midwest Replacement Dog Crate Pan

Product #:  1842PAN

1842PAN Midwest Replacement Dog Crate Pan

This is a CUSTOM HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC DOG CRATE REPLACEMENT PAN for the Midwest 1842PAN Replacement Dog Crate Tray that has been discontinued by Midwest.

The original size of the Midwest Dog Crate Replacement 1842PAN was 41" x 24 1/2" x 1.  We made our CUSTOM 4PAN 40-3/4 x 24-1/4 x 1 to accommodate the Midwest Dog Crate Replacement 4PAN which also has been discontinued but used the 1842PAN as a replacement dog crate pan when the Midwest 4PAN was discontinued.
The replacement dog crate pan is heavy duty with straight edges.

Another option for replacement might be our CMP Metal 4PAN  We have contracted with a metal dog crate tray manufacturer in the USA to make the same size dog crate tray in a metal version.  See the CMP_4PAN_METAL dog crate tray. The Midwest 1842PAN Dog Crate Pan and the Midwest 4PAN were very close in size and when the 4PAN was out of stock Midwest recommended the 1842PAN. The Metal 4PAN measures 40-3/8 x 24-1/4.  Note: metal dog crate pan is 3/8 inch longer than the standard 1842PAN.

The 1842PAN replacement dog crate pan fits the following Midwest Dog Crate Models:
  • 1842 (approx. size dog crate 42 x 26) (Dog Crate Pan Tray Size 40-3/4" x 24-1/4") Bay Isle Dog Crate Tray
  • Hawaii, Alaska and Canadian customers will be emailed shipping charge for approval before shipping
406 Plastic Pan
*Additional for some US States 
* Note: The dog crate replacement pan shown might be a slightly different shape from actual dog crate replacement pan. The image is to show you that you are purchasing a dog crate replacement tray for a Midwest cage. These dog crate replacement trays and pans are designed to fit Midwest crates but the trays 'might' fit other brands. We can not guarantee this dog crate replacement tray will fit all crates so please be sure to check the measurement of the dog crate replacement pan.
Price:  $65.00 - $71.00

   1842PAN Midwest Replacement Dog Crate Pan
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$65.00 - $71.00

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