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One stop-shopping for all your General Cage Products. Whether you are shopping for General Cage Dog Crates, Exercise Pens, Car Barriers, Seat Covers for your car or vehicle, dog beds, dog cots, pet gates, replacement dog crate trays and pans, crate accessories: divider panels, floor grids, or dog crate bowls - we offer the most popular General Cage Products for professional to the every day pet owner. If the General Cage Product you are looking for is not available on our website don't hesitate to contact us and we will provide pricing. Volume discounts are available upon request - some of our General Cage Products do provide discount pricing for large quantities. 

General Cage Dog Crates

General Cage Dog Crates are available in both wire and soft-sided dog crates. General Cage wire dog crates offer a variety of options: folding, drop-pin, door options, and color. General Cage offers economy and professional lines of dog crates.

  • 200 Series Premium Folding Dog Crates - the dog crate of choice among pet professionals and available in the traditional gold zinc-chromate finish as well as a black or white electrostatic epoxy.
  • 2-Door and Side Door Dog Crates are available in the 200 Series Line of Premium Folding General Cage Dog Crates.
  • E-Crate Folding Dog Crates - these attractive and black epoxy coated durable dog crates are designed with a number of features found in the more expensive professional line, but at a lower price. A great starter dog crate or second home for your dog.
  • 400 Series Valu-Line Black Dog Crates - Attractive Black Electrostatic Epoxy covers the wires of this dog crate for durability and style. 2 drop-pins instead of 4, offers this dog crate easy, no-tools assembly.
  • Slant Front Dog Crates - A 200 Series Premium Style Dog Crate - Folds quickly to suitcase size. Great for traveling in Station Wagons or Hatchback Cars.
  • Tent Dog Crates - taking the industry by storm, these sleek looking cages are lightweight alternative to wire. Ideal for travel, exhibiting or at home - whatever your lifestyle we have a dog crate to match.

General Cage E-Crate Dog Crates - Features of the General Cage E-Crate Dog Crate:

Attractive black epoxy coated durable dog crates designed with a number of features found in the more expensive professional line, but at a lower price. A great starter dog crate or second home for your dog. Optional Metal Dog Crate Pan.

Folds to a suitcase size in seconds
Ideal for travel and storage

Durable, black coated finish
Safe and secure easy-to-use latches
Includes FREE divider panel
Includes FREE Plastic Pan - Can upgrade to Metal Dog Crate Pan

General Cage Dog Crate Pans Trays - Metal and Plastic

General cage dog crate pans trays come in plastic as well as 3 types of metal.  The metal dog crate pan tray options are galvanized metal, black epoxy coated galvanized metal, and white epoxy coated galvanized metal.


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