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  1. Do you ship to Canada?

Yes we do.  We suggest you contact us prior to placing your order and we will verify that you will not incur any additional freight charges for your shipping destination.  Additional freight charges will be charged at time of actual shipment if you have not contacted us prior to your shipment. 

International customers are responsible for all taxes and tariffs that accompany an international shipment.


     2.  When I check out I see contact merchant what does this mean?

This means you purchased a product that receives free freight.  We apologize for the message but our computer software has been programmed to display this message and we can not change it at this time.

You do not need to do anything.  Continue with the checkout process.


     3.  I received one of the Amish Pet Gates and there are no instructions. How do I assemble the Amish Pet Gate?

There are numbers on the pet gate panel to match the parts then screw in the part to the gate.  

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