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Dog Bed Size Recommendation

Many customers ask what dog bed size should I buy? What size dog bed do I need? Here are suggested guideline to help you pick the dog bed size for your pet. 

After you determine the dog bed size for your pet click here and you will find all our dog bed sizes. This webpage will break down all our dog beds by size of dog bed.  

What size dog bed is right for your pet?

There are three rules of thumb often used when selecting a dog bed.

  1. Measure Your Pet Lying Down
  2. Use the Weight of the Pet
  3. When in doubt get the larger dog bed , not the smaller size dog bed

In general we believe that measuring your pet lying down as he is normally accustomed to lying, is the best way.

  • Measure from nose or front legs, to back legs or rump; add 9 to 12.
  • Pick the size of the dog bed that will best fit those measurements, remembering that round dog bed measurements are in diameter (width across the circle).
  • Using weight, with some judgment, use the following guidelines
    • Small Dog Beds - Pets up to 25 Pounds
    • Medium Dog Beds - Pets up to 40 Pounds
    • Large Dog Beds - Pets up to 85 Pounds
    • Extra Large Dog Beds - Pets up to 140 Pounds

Weight is always an estimate; for best results... Always Measure Your Pet.


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