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A Portable Chain Link Kennel that is an excellent way to contain your dog.  Our Chain Link Kennel is made with galvanized steel framing, with the kennel fence being a chain link mess.  We only chain link kennels we offer are portable chain link kennel brands that are best quality, easy to setup, and portable.  Both the Midwest K9 Kennel and the PetSafe DIY Dog Kennel are best of breed portable dog kennels.

PetSafe Dog Kennel or DIY Dog Kennel Midwest K9 Kennel or K9 Dog Kennel
  • Easy to setup with simple hand tools
  • DIY Dog Kennel - Do It Your Self
  • Easy to Transport - Kennel Portable
  • Rust-Resistant Galvanized Steel kennel Framing
  • DIY Dog Kennel gate is pre-assembled
  • 2-Year Manufactures Warranty


  • K9 Dog Kennel has patent design for 30 minute setup / pliers only
  • Midwest K9 Kennel is portable easy to reposition
  • Galvanized Steel kennel framing
  • K9 Kennel door is pre-assembled
  • Strong Secure Rounded Corners
  • FREE Sunscreen Cover

K9 Dog Kennel - Midwest K9 Kennel

Midwest K9 Kennel has a patent design 30 minute setup. Within 30 minutes of arrival of your Midwest K9 Kennel you can have the K9 Dog Kennel setup if you have pliers. The K9 Dog Kennel also comes with a Free Sunscreen cover and is portable.


PetSafe Dog Kennel - DIY Dog Kennel

Petsafe DIY Dog Kennel is a Do It Yourself dog kennel.  All kennel parts come in a box and any dog owner can assemble with a few simple tools.  The DIY Dog Kennel is portable or it can be anchored in place with the PetSafe Dog Kennel ground anchors.


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