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Tejas Dog Crates no longer available at our online store!



Are you interest in a 600 size crate? 42L x 36.5W x 30H 

Color is a beautiful black/silver powder coat with grooming top!

The crate is in excellent condition. 

The crate is located in Cleveland, OH. 

Contact Marcy at 330-322-2739 or email:   


Tejas Aluminum Dog Crates

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Show Dog Owners, Exhibitors/Handlers, and Pet Owners you are looking at Tejas Aluminum Dog Crates and Aluminum Dog Crate accessories. They are the finest Aluminum Dog Crates on the market today.  Do you remember Bob McKee Dog Crates?  If you are having a difficult time finding a McKee Dog Crate you have found the closest aluminum dog crate matching the Bob Mckee Aluminum Dog Crate.  That's because Tejas Aluminum Dog Crate manufacturing has been working for sometime to produce an aluminum dog crate to the same quality and standard as the McKee Aluminum Dog Crates.  

Tejas Aluminum Dog Crates are known for their superior quality and security. With unmatched construction quality and finished in an exciting array of colors of hard-wearing Powder Coat Paint, the Tejas aluminum dog crates come in sizes suitable for most breeds of dogs in both the folding and rigid-wall style.

Why purchase a Tejas Aluminum Dog Crate?

  • For those that have grown tired of ineffective plastic, wire, or nylon mesh alternatives, the Tejas products are the perfect answer
  • Lightweight yet strong and durable, they have become the aluminum dog crate of choice for travel and home use
  • Superior quality and security, accuracy to 1/1000th of an inch
  • "Superbly manufactured crates, made by dog people for dog people" from "Dog News"
  • There is a range of complimentary products: tack boxes, crate dollies and grooming arms
  • All-in-one Crate and Grooming Table
  • Perfect for Travel - Airline Approved
  • Designed for show dog owners, handlers and exhibitors these aluminum dog crates are perfect for any pet owner who is tired of replacing broken dog crates due to wear and tear

Tejas Aluminum Dog Crate product line and Accessories

Aluminum Dog Crates

Telescoping Grooming Arm

Aluminum Tack Boxes

Aluminum Crate Dollies

More reasons to purchase a Tejas Aluminum Dog Crate?

Tejas Aluminum Dog Crates are built using computer-driven laser and punch machines to ensure accuracy to 1/1000th of an inch and a superior finish. Tejas Crates are finished by hand to guarantee the removal of any sharp edges or corners. The aluminum dog crate is made with aircraft grade metal making them strongest aluminum dog crate on the market. 

Dog Crate with Optional Double Drawer Tack
Folding and rigid aluminum dog crates are offered to meet the needs of both exhibitor and handler. They come in variety of sizes and most can be stacked and locked together for safety when at shows or on the road. Excellent ventilation is a key feature of a Tejas dog crate with six rows of holes on the sides and rear panel.
Stainless steel hardware is use for improved strength and to avoid unsightly deterioration over time. The rivets, hinges, door latches and grooming arm bracket are all steel. For carrying the folded crates, a metal reinforced leather handle is provided, instead of the typical plastic or leather handles, since they will eventually break or tear.
Tejas Stainless Steel Harware
For many people, the best feature of Tejas Crates is their ability to serve as a crate and a grooming table. You will have fewer items to pack and carry, and require less space at the shows. The optional grooming arm, a must have for any Tejas Aluminum Dog Crate, is standless steel and telescopes from 31" to 51".  Both the grooming arm bracket and rubber mat are standard features, not expensive extras.
Tejas Crate with Grooming Table
Tejas Aluminum Crates are ideal for those flying dogs, because they are not only much stronger and more secure than plastic crates, but can be folded and placed in the trunk of a rental car or taxi upon arrival.
Federal regulations require that dog crates used for flying must have a means of "buffering" to ensure air circulation around the crate. Adding the detachable "Travel Bars" on each side, makes Tejas crates suitable for flying dogs. Once your journey is complete, they can be quickly removed and stored.
To defend against the wear and tear of frequent use, Tejas uses a Powder Coat paint finish on all surfaces inside and out. Powder Coat is especially beneficial in protecting the coats on lighter colored dogs. It helps guard against the black powder that occurs when unprotected aluminum oxidizes, or after other less effective coatings like Anodizing, wear off. There are attractive colors available.


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