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Universal Bucket Pet Car Seat Cover

Product #:  62285
Brand:  Solvit

Universal Bucket Pet Car Seat Cover

Protect your car's upholstery while your pet rides on a comfortable blanket. This pet seat cover is Waterproof Sta-Put™ Bucket Seat Cover
  • For those pets who demand a view of the road ahead, our Bucket Pet Seat Car Seat Cover is a great fit.
  • The padded base provides a soft cushion while protecting the seat from dirt, dander and "spills".
  • Made from durable, heavy-gauge polyester with waterproof backing for years of use.
  • Multiple elastic straps and a Sta-Put device (see images below) keep the cover firmly in place in ALL VEHICLES.
  • Cushion removes for washing.
  • Waterproof construction, treated with Stain-Blok.
Bucket Seat Pet Car Seat Cover Dimension: 52 x 22 Weighs 1.5 lbs. The Bucket Seat Pet Seat Cover carries a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Sta-Put device

Waterproof Sta-Put™ Bucket Seat Cover #62315
Price:  $39.95

62285 Universal Bucket Pet Car Seat Cover

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Price: $39.95

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