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Midwest 1-inch Floor Grid for Puppy Playpen 236-10

Product #:  236-10F
Brand:  Midwest

Midwest 1-inch Floor Grid for Puppy Playpen 236-10

Midwest Floor Grid for Midwest Puppy Playpen 236-10.  These puppy playpen floor grates are 1-inch. There are (2) floor grates per package.

Midwest Floor Grid for Puppy Playpen 236-10 Features:

  • Floor Grates for Midwest Puppy PlayPen 236-10
  • (2) Floor Grates per package
  • Floor Grids are 1-inch

Midwest Floor Grid for Puppy Playpen 236-10 Size:

  • 1-inch floor grate spacing for 236-05
Note: if using in a Central Metal CMP_3636 Puppy Play Pen, the grates are a tight fit but usable with the CMP pens. The only part that does not fit is one of the corner prongs that holds the grate to the bar of the pen does not fit onto the bar. This is on each of the grates. All the prongs fit on the bar except 1 corner prong on each. This has not, as yet, caused any problem. The other thing (which does not cause a problem) is that the grates are not evenly meeting in the middle. One grate overlaps the other grate or actually just lays on top of the other grate in the middle. They meet and overlap perfectly and does not seem to cause any kind of a problem. So basically, they are quite usable even though they are not the same brand.

Price:  $31.95

   one inch square puppy playpen grids
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Price: $31.95

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