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CMP Dog Exercise Pen 36 High (8)24-inch Ex-Pen Panels

Product #:  CMP_836_EX-Pen
Brand:  CMP

CMP Dog Exercise Pen 36 High (8)24-inch Ex-Pen Panels

CMP Ex-Pen for dogs is a 36-inch tall, top quality, secure dog exercise pen. This Dog Exercise Pen is a dream come tru for your and your pet. CMP Dog Ex-Pens offer a unique 22-coil spring locking door to protect the escape artist. Ex-pen is manufacturered with extra heavy gauge wire which is impervious to sharp teeth, interlocking top and sides, PLUS Made in the USA!

CMP Dog Exercise Pen 36 High (8)24-inch Ex-Pen Panels features:

  • Dog-proof locking Ex-Pen Door 
    • Unique 22-coil spring lock to protect the cleverest dog
  • Safe, Strong Construction
    • Expert craftsmanship
    • Top quality materials
    • Extra heavy gauge wire, spot welded
    • Interlocking top and sides, rigidly reinforced
  • Folds to convenient size
  • Easy to carry
  • Sets up in second
  • 2 part Industrial Strength Powder Coat Finish
  • Withstands normal exposure and handling
  • Impervious to sharp teeth
  • Second Exercise Pen can be added for larger play area for your dog

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CMP Dog Exercise Pen 36 High (8)24-inch Ex-Pen Panels Size:

  • 36-inches Tall
  • (8) 24-inch wide Panels

CMP Dog Exercise Pen 36 High (8)24-inch Ex-Pen Panels Color:

  • ex-pen powder coated
  • anodized silver
Price:  $126.00

CMP_836_EX-Pen CMP Dog Exercise Pen 36-inch Tall (8)24-inch Wide Panels


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