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CMP Folding Puppy Romper Dog Crate 36-inch 36x18

Product #:  3618-30PR
Brand:  Central Metal

CMP Folding Puppy Romper Dog Crate 36-inch 36Lx18Wx30H

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The 36"x18"x30" Puppy Romper Dog Crate is perfect for smaller breeds or for a puppy by itself. Includes: Galvanized pan, top door that opens, regular mesh hygienic floor, and a side door.

Dog crate is made of heavy gauge double plated wire, powder coated, plus hygienic regular mesh floor. This exceptional quality 36-inch puppy dog crate opens from the Top as well as the Side Door and is Made in the USA.  The puppy dog crate even folds - WOW!
NOTE: Image shows 2 crate pan but this Puppy Romper only comes with 1 crate pan and floor!

36-inch by 18-inch CMP Puppy Dog Crate features:

  • Raise and lower floors to 4-levels as puppies grow
  • 1/2" rectangular mesh floor
  • Open the top for easy access
  • Open the side door for easy entry for mother
  • Includes a raised-edge pan and easy to clean hanging hygenic floor for maximum sanitation
  • Dog-proof lock Unique 22-coil spring lock to protect the cleverest dog
  • Safe, Strong Construction
  • Top quality materials
  • Extra heavy guage wire, spot welded
  • Interlocking top and sides, rigidly reinforced
  • Easy to Carry, Easy to Set-Up
  • Folds to 3-inches in seconds
  • Double plated wire
  • Dog Crates uses 3, 5, 7, and 9 gauge wire.  The primary wire sizes are 9 and 5 gauge.  The 5 gauge is used for the frame work and the 9 gauge is used as the filler for the mesh.
  • Impervious to sharp teeth
  • (2) openings: Top of Dog Crate & Door
  • hygienic regular mesh floor 
  • INCLUDES Galvanized Metal Dog Crate Pan 

36-inch by 18-inch CMP Folding Puppy Dog Crate size:

Folded Size:

CMP Puppy Dog Crate 1/2" Flooring:

 Mesh 1/2" Puppy Dog Crate Floor


CMP Puppy Dog Crate 1" Flooring:

Puppy Dog Crate 1-inch flooring


Price:  $198.95


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Price: $198.95

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