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North States Pet Gate NS8619

Product #:  NS8619
Brand:  North States

8619 North States Deluxe Pet Gate

The North States Deluxe Pet Gate is an 26-inches tall. This deluxe pet gate will fit 26-42 inch openings. Pressure mounted with no hardware, and instant setup. The ultimate in durability and convenience. Easy to use—expand gate in opening and engage pressure handle in any one of the multi-position slots. Rounded edges will not pinch. Perfect for separating children from pets, too.

8619 North States Deluxe Pet Gate features:

  • Pet Gate is durable
  • Pressure mount pet gate is easy to install
  • Round edges will not pinch

8619 North States Deluxe Pet Gate size:

  • Pet Gate fits opening 26-42 inches
  • Pet Gate is 26-inch high
Price:  $29.95

8619 North States Deluxe Pet Gate

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Price: $29.95

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