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Snoozer Pet Odor Eliminator Adios Pads

Product #:  SN-11000
Brand:  Snoozer

Snoozer Pet Odor Eliminator Adios™ Pads

Hate the Smell of Pet Odors? Now you can Say goodbye to offensive smelly pet odors….

Snoozer Pet Odor Eliminator Adios Pads features:

  • Snoozer Adios Odor Pats Eliminate pet odors in the home or car.
  • Outperforms messy baking soda or granulated carbon.
  • When odor returns— machine wash & dry Odor Adios™ to reactivate its powerful odor absorbency.
  • Tested to absorb odor for up to 10 washings.
  • When there is no more odor absorbency, discard & replace with new pad.

Convenient carbon fabric pad is perfect for:

  • Pet beds with zippered covers
  • Travel crates
  • Pet bags & carriers
  • Pet car seats & SUV pads
  • Litter boxes
  • Bird & hamster cages
  • Kitchens & bathrooms
  • Excellent for refrigerators, too
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SN-11000 Snoozer Pet Odor Eliminator Adios Pads

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