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24PAN Metal Midwest Dog Crate Replacement Pan

Product #:  24PAN_METAL
Brand:  Custom

24PAN_Metal Galvanized or Stainless Metal Dog Crate Replacement Pan

Our 24PAN_Metal Galvanized and Stainless Steel Metal Dog Crate Replacement Pans and Trays are both 26 gauge metal dog crate pan. The top edge of the metal replacement dog crate pan has a rolled hem top and crimped corners.  Optional stainless steel metal dog crate pan available.

24PAN_Metal Replacement Dog Crate Pan / Tray will fit the following dog crates:

  • Designed for the Midwest SL42SUV SUV Dog Crate 42 x 21

Actual size of the 4120 Galvanized Steel Metal Dog Crate Replacement Pan / Tray:

  • 41"L x 20"W x 1"D 
metal crate pan edgesmetal dog crate pan corner
Price:  $59.95 - $84.95

   24PAN Metal Replacement Dog Cage Pan
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$59.95 - $84.95

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