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Custom Made Metal Dog Crate Pan 36-inch Precision

Product #:  CMP_CUSTOM_36_PAN
Brand:  custom

Custom Made Metal Dog Crate Replacement Pan for 36-inch Precision Dog Crates

This is a custom Made in the USA metal dog crate pan to fit Precision 36-inch Dog Crates.  A custom made metal dog crate pan this size would cost at least $70-80 plus shipping. 
Metal Dog Crate Replacement Pan will fits Precision 36" GRC, SCC & BSC 4000 Dog Crates.  This metal dog crate pan will also fit Pro-Valu 36-inch dog crates. 

Metal Dog Crate Pan Size:
35 3/8"L x 21 7/8"W x 1"D

Price:  $65.45 - $76.90

   Custom Made Metal Dog Crate Pan 36-inch Precision
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$65.45 - $76.90

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