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MidWest 1154U Big Dog Crate BLACK Dog Crate (BIG DOG)

Product #:  1154U
Brand:  MidWest

1154U Midwest Big Dog Crates

The 1154U Midwest Big Dog Crate is a giant dog crate for large breed dogs.  This is one of the largest giant dog crates available.  This single door midwest dog crate does not come with the dog crate pan or divider but we do carry the accessories the 1154U Midwest Big Dog Crate. We offer package sets for the 1154U Midwest Big Dog Crate.    

1154U Midwest Big Dog Crate Features:

  • Corner Drop-Pin Construction
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Durable Black Electro-Coat Finish
  • Safe & Secure Slide Bolt Latch(es)
  • 1154U Wire Gauge 3 (door parts), 5, 6 & 7 (sides), 9, 12
  • Wire Mesh 1-1/2 x 5 inches  
  • Floor Grids are not available for this model
  • Divider Panels Available for this model (sold separtely)
  • Dog Crate Pan Available for this model (sold separately)
  • Metal Dog Crate Pan Available (sold separately)

1154U Midwest Big Dog Crate Dimensions:

  • 54L x 35W x 45H

1154U Midwest Big Dog Crate Accessories:

Price:  $194.00

   MidWest 1154U Big Dog Crate BLACK Dog Crate (BIG DOG)
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Price: $194.00

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