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Midwest Dog Crate Divider Panel for 30 Dog Crates

Product #:  04DP
Brand:  Midwest

04DP Dog Crate Divider Panel Fits 30" Midwest Dog Crates

A Dog Crate Divider Panel is great for dog crate training a puppy as it grows. The Dog Crate Divider Panel reduces the size of the dog crate as the puppy grows allowing you to purchase the size of dog crate needed when the dog reaches adult size.
04DP Dog Crate Divider Panel is finished Black.

04DP Dog Crate Divider Panel fits Midwest Dog Crate Models:

  • 504, 604, 704BK, 1230, 1630, 1630DD, 1630UL


Price:  $27.95

   Midwest 30-inch dog crate divider panel
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Price: $27.95

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