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How Underground Dog Fence WorksHow Underground Dog Fence Works

The Underground Dog Fence Transmitter is located in a location such as a garage, covered patio, basement, or shed and sends the electric dog fence signal through the wire forming the boundary area to contain your pet. The dog fence wire sends a signal to a receiver worn on your dogs collar. The electric dog fence transmitter features advanced technology that includes visual and audio alarms to warn you if there's a problem. Underground dog fences are the safest electric fence for dogs on the market today.

You can create off limits areas with an electronic dog fence, such as a pool, landscaped sections of your yard or a garden area. You can use your dog fence to separate your front yard from your back yard. you can then choose which area of your dog fence to allow your dog into. If your pet is inadvertently let out the front door he will be safely contained in your yard.

Installation is easy. The wire boundary of your electric dog fence can be installed in virtually any configuration for your yard. The wire for your pet containment system can be installed underground or above ground with the use of Sod Staples. You choose the installation for your electronic dog fence that is best for you and your pet.

Electric Dog Fences make it easy to train your dog. By spending just 15 minutes a day working with your dog, he can be fully trained in a few days. You can train as many dogs as you want on the same system, as long as they are each wearing a receiver collar. Additional receivers are available if your have more than one dog. Bury the boundary wire underground approximately 1-2 inches deep. Using your own design, you can protect your flower and seedbeds, shrubs, trees and even swimming pools.

Remember you need a continuous loop from and to the Transmitter.  The use of Twisted Wire is needed for areas where you want to open up the fence. Let’s say you have a perimeter around your back yard and you want to also run the wire around garden area in the the middle of the back yard.  You would run the twisted wire from the perimeter to the garden area and then the underground wire would run around the garden allowing your dog to cross over the twisted wire running to the garden, think of it as a walk through area. When the wire is twisted the signal cancels itself out.

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