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K9JusticeLeague, Inc.

The K9JusticeLeague, Inc. in Virginia Beach, Virginia has a dog that needs surgery and they are looking for donations.

If you are interested in finding out what they are currently doing and would like to consider making a donation to their cause please visit their website.

They have purchased an official website and are just about done with the construction so it will be up VERY soon! When it becomes available we will post it on our website.

About the K9JusticeLeague:

Thousands of dogs enter animal shelters every year and many of those dogs never find new homes. Whether the dog needed a little more training and/or socialization, was sick and needed medical care, or just ran out of time in a crowded facility... these dogs need more help. We are a newly formed dog rescue group organized to help those dogs and give them a better chance at a new life. Our hope is to build a state of the art facility where "our" dogs can flourish, receive the attention they need, and then be re-homed to great forever families!


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