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Quiet Time Fleece Crate Dog Beds Multiple Colors

Product #:  QT402XX
Brand:  Midwest

Quiet Time Fleece Crate Dog Beds

Not all Crate Dog Beds are made like Midwest makes them. Quiet Time Crate Dog Beds are washable...tested for over 100 washes. Have you ever washed a pet bed and the internal material will "bunch up" and render the product useless? Midwest tested these crate dog beds to make sure the material and stitching will last!

The Quiet Time Pet Bed is designed to fit wire dog crates, but most people buy them to be placed in various rooms in the house or in the back portion of vehicles.

Quiet Time Fleece Crate Dog Bed Features:

  • Ideal for use in Dog Crates, Dog Carriers, Dog Houses, Vehicles
  • Keeps Pets Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter
  • Crate Dog Bed is Machine Washable
  • Ultra-Soft Synthetic Sheepskin or Plush Fur (see below)
  • Comfortable Polyester-Filled Bolsters
  • Cushioned Poly/Cotton Base
  • Use the Dog Bed in the Crate and When Your Dog is Larger use it as a Normal Dog Bed
  • Let Your Pet Supplies Grow with Your Pet

Quiet Time Fleece Crate Dog Bed Size/Dimension:

  • Tiny Crate Dog Beds - 18 x 12
  • XSmall Crate Dog Beds - 22 X 13
  • Small Crate Dog Beds - 24 X 18 
  • Medium Crate Dog Beds - 30 X 21 
  • Large Crate Dog Beds - 36 X 23 
  • XLarge Crate Dog Beds - 42 X 26
  • XXLarge Crate Dog Beds - 48 X 30
  • Giant Crate Dog Beds - 54 X 35   

Quiet-Time Crate Dog Bed color:

White synthetic fleece/sheepskin, cozy synthetic fur of pearl Gray, or fashionable Cinnamon




cinnamon fleece dog bed
gray fleece dog crate bed

Price:  $19.95 - $79.95

   Quiet Time Fleece Crate Dog Beds Multiple Colors
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$19.95 - $79.95

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