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Metal 42-inch Replacement Dog Crate Kennel Pans and Trays

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Metal Replacement Dog Crate Pan Tray Stainless or Galvanized 42-inch

Tired of your dog eating up plastic dog crate pans? Our 42-inch metal crate pan is the replacement solution. Available in heavy-duty 22-gauge galvanized or stainless steel, our metal replacement pans come with a satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty so you can make the purchase with confidence.

Metal crate pans are not needed for all pet owners.  Metal dog crate pans are a matter of personal preference or if you're the owner of a chewer and go through plastic pans you will appreciate a metal dog crate pan.  Chewers can not chew through the metal pans nor do these pans crack or break.
Not sure which type of metal crate pan? Galvanized pans can rust when exposed to moisture while stainless steel is rust resistant.  Whether using galvanized or stainless steel dog crate trays it's always a good idea to keep them free of moisture when possible. 
Metal dog crate pans are easy to clean. We recommend using a mild soap such as dawn dishwashing detergent.
Safety of your pet is important to us. The pans hemmed edges and rounded corners keep your pet safe.

dog crate pan round corners
Our 42-inch metal crate pan is top quality, heavy-duty, and made with 22 gauge metal.

Standard size 42-inch metal dog crate trays fit the following dog crates but may fit other dog crates.  How to verify or measure metal crate pan size for your dog crate.
Model Brand PAN Size Dog Crates
4021 Central Metal 38-1/2L x 19-3/4W x 1D Central Metal 4021 Mini-Fold
4224 Central Metal 41-1/2L x 23W x 1D Central Metal 4224
205 General Cage 41L x 26W x 1-1/4D General Cage 42-inch Dog Cage
4PAN Midwest 40-3/4L x 24-1/4W x 1D Midwest Drop-pin 1041, 1142, 24ECN, 37C, 86Z (42x26)
24PAN Midwest 41L x 20W x 1D Midwest 608SS, SL42SUV (42 x 21)
9PAN Midwest 41L x 27-3/8W x 1D Midwest 1242, 1342TD, 1542, 1542DD, 1642/DD, 1542/DD, 1642/DD/UL, 1742/DT/CC2/DD2, 1942, 508, 608/DD, 708BK, ACE-442, 742UP
PPP_PAN_42 Percision 41-1/4L x 26-3/4W x 1D
Percision GRC, SCC, BSC5000 
Price:  $75.00 - $105.00

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$75.00 - $105.00

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