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Vision Raised Elevated Single Diner Dog Feeder Bowl

Product #:  RSB17L
Brand:  PetsStop

Vision 10-inch Raised Elevated Single Diner Dog Feeder Bowl

Our very popular Vision Raised Single Diner Dog Feeder Bowl is a perfect Outdoor diner.  It is perfect for putting water out on the deck or patio! Treat your pet with this Raised Elevated Dog Bowl featuring a sturdy metal frame that firmly holds the stainless steel bowl in place and effectively prevents messes and spills.
It will change both of your attitudes toward meal time when your pet no longer needs to struggle and crouch down to eat. The Vision Elevated Dog Bowl comes with non-skid plastic tips on feet of the raised dog dish feeder stand.
This Raised Elevated Dog Bowl feeder allows your dog to eat in a natural position which improves overall health and posture. If your pet suffers from back pain this bowl is sure to help. Your dog will never strain while eating again! Providing a comfortable feeder height for dogs promote better posture and aids digestion.


Vision Raised Elevated Single Diner Dog Feeder Bowl Features:

  • Durable 10-inch wrought iron stand
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Rounded sides keep bowls centered
  • Stainless steel dog bowl
  • Rounded sides keep food and water centered
  • Large bowl opening enable easy refilling
  • Detachable bowls for easy cleaning
  • No sharp edges
  • Promotes better posture
  • Aids digestion  

Vision Raised Elevated Single Diner Dog Feeder Bowl Size:

  • 10" x 10" x 10" tall - 4lbs
  • 3 Quart Bowl

Product Color:

  • Black Wrought-Iron Raised Dog Feeder

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Price:  $86.00

   Vision Raised Elevated Single Diner Dog Feeder Bowl
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Price: $86.00

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