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Snoozer Pet Beds Round Pillow Dog Bed

Product #:  SN-611
Brand:  Snoozer

Snoozer Pet Beds Round Pillow Dog Bed

Our Snoozer Round Pillow Dog Bed is a combination of comfort and durability making this dog bed perfect for pet owners trying to give their pet the ultimate place to call their own. Snoozer Round Pillow Dog Beds are made of sturdy polyester and cotton fabric along with the spun polyester and cedar fill which helps to eliminate fleas and pet odors making this bed one of the best on the ma49rket! The zippered, removable cover is machine washable and dryable. With a wide variety of fabric options you are sure to find the perfect bed for you and your pet. 

Snoozer Round Pillow Dog Bed features:

  • Polyester/cotton fabric
  • Stuffed with poly/cedar blend to eliminate pet odors and resist fleas
  • Removable zippered inner liner
  • Washable outer cover
  • Available in over 25 color options
  • 1 year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
  • Made in USA!

  • Snoozer Round Pillow Dog Bed size:

  • Small Round Pillow Dog Bed: 24-inch Diameter
  • Medium Round Pillow Dog Bed: 35-inch Diameter
  • Large Round Pillow Dog Bed: 43-inch Diameter
  • X-Large Round Pillow Dog Bed: 54-inch Diameter
  • measuring your pet for Snoozer Round Pillow Dog Bed

    Snoozer Round Pillow Dog Bed colors:

    denim round dog beds
    olive round dog beds
    navy round dog beds
    red round dog beds
    khaki round dog beds

    Price:  $39.95 - $99.95

       Snoozer Pet Beds Round Pillow Dog Bed
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