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Midwest Ovation Single Door Up & Away Wire Dog Crates 30-inch

Product #:  O-1930
Brand:  Midwest

Midwest Ovation Single Door Up & Away Dog Crates 30-inch

Midwest Ovation Single Door Up & Away Wire Dog Crates 30-inch truly a revolutionary convenience step forward . . . the 30-inch Ovation Single Door Dog Crate . . . the fold and carry crate with the innovative, extra-strong, space-saving Up & Away Door!
Intuitive innovation from Midwest! The 30-inch Ovation single-door dog crate features the innovative, patent-pending up & away door along with all of the features that are sought in wire crates for dogs. To open the dog crate door simply grab the comfort-grip handle and lift and lay the door on top of the dog crate. The 30-inch ovation dog crate door stows out of the way, eliminating the need for additional space required for a swing-out, hinged door. To close, lift the dog crate door and lower into place while releasing the safety catch until the crate door reaches a closed position. The channel-track dog crate door frame adds significant strength and security to the dog crate, and the low threshold of the dog crate door allows your pet to enter the crate comfortably. With its fold & carry configuration Midwest Ovation Dog Crates sets up and folds down in seconds without the need for tools. Ovation dog crates include a composite plastic pan for easy cleanup in the event of an accident, plastic carrying handles to move the folded dog crate from one location to another comfortably, surface protective rubber feet, and most importantly, a free divider panel for use while your puppy grows into his adult-size home.
ovation dog crates ovation dog crate divider

Ovation Dog Crates Low Threshold

Ovation Dog Crate with Divider Panel

ovation dog crates folded ovation dog crate safety latch

Ovation Dog Crates Easy Fold

Ovation Dog Crate Safety Latch

Midwest Ovation Single Door Up & Away Wire Dog Crates 30-inch features:

  • The Safety catch allows the door to rest safely above a fully closed position
  • Release of Safety Catch Allows Door to Close
  • Door Stows Up & Away Eliminating the Need for Space Required by Swing-Out, Hinged Doors
  • Low Threashold allows Dog to easily Rest In and Out of the Dog Crate
  • Ovation Dog Crates are easy to Set Up & Fold Down in Seconds
  • Easy to Snap On/Off Plastic Carry Handles Make it Easy to Transport the Folded Dog Crate
  • Dog Crate Divider cuts Housebreaking time in Half by Keeping Your Puppy from Eliminating in One End and Sleeping in the Other End of the Dog Crate
  • Available in Five Popular Sizes: 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48-inch

Midwest Ovation Single Door Up & Away Wire Dog Crates 30-inch size:

  • 31.5" L x 19.5" W x 21.5" H
  • Ovation Dog Crate weighs approx. 22lbs.
  • Recommended for pets 41-70 lbs

The LATEST in Midwest Wire Dog Crates!

Price:  $88.00

   Midwest Ovation Single Door Up & Away Wire Dog Crates 30-inch
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Price: $88.00

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