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MidWest Dog Crate Floor Grid 30

Product #:  FG30B
Brand:  MidWest Metals

MidWest Dog Crate Raised Floor Grid

MidWest Dog Crate Raised Floor Grid Details:
  • Raised Floor Grids: Keep your pet above the floor tray.
  • They're a great solution for puppies and heavy wetters.
  • These raised floor grids provide the practicality of removing the pan without disturbing the pet.
  • Floor grids also keep pets clean and their feet well supported.
  • The mesh is sized to fit and keeps your pets feet comfortable.
  • Designed for Midwest Dog Crates but might fit other pet crates
  • Size: 28.5 x 20.4 x 1.1

MidWest Dog Crate Raised Floor Grid Size/Dimensions:

  • FG24A - Fits MidWest Models 502, 602, 702BK, 1224, 1624, 1624DD, 1624UL, 1624PC, and 724UP Dog Crates
  • FG24B - Fits MidWest Models 1324TD, 1524 and 1524DD Dog Crates
  • FG30A - Fits MidWest Models 504, 604, 704BK, 1230, 1630, 1630DD, 1630UL, and 730UP Triple Door Dog Crates
  • FG30B - Fits MidWest Models 1330TD, 1530 and 1530DD, 730UP Double Door Dog Crates
  • FG36A - Fits MidWest Models 506, 606, 606DD, 706BK, 1236, 1336, 1636, 1636DD, 1636UL, and 736UP Dog Crates
  • FG36B - Fits MidWest Models 1336TD, 1536 and 1536DD Dog Crates
  • FG42AB - Fits MidWest Models 508, 608, 608DD, 708BK, 1242, 1342TD, 1542, 1542DD, 1642, 1642DD, 1642UL, and 742UP Dog Crates
  • FG48AB - Fits Models 510, 610, 710BK, 1248, 1348TD, 1548, 1548DD, 1648, 1648DD, 1648UL and 748UP Dog Crates


Price:  $55.00

   Midwest FG30B Dog Crate Floor Grate Grid
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Price: $55.00

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