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546-42 Midwest Gold Exercise Pen for Dogs 42"

Product #:  546-42
Brand:  MidWest

546-42 Midwest Gold Exercise Pen 42"

A Midwest Gold Exercise Pen is durable and affordable.  Midwest dog exercise pens are good play areas for your pets whether indoors or outdoors. The Midwest Gold Zinc Exercise Pen is one of the best dog exercise pens available. This pet exercise pen is made of Acri-Lock™ Acrylic Coated Gold Zinc for long lasting protection. It has a secure double latch door access to make your pet secure.  Also, this exercise pen is easy to set up and you don't need tools to build this one. It's a versatile pet exercise pen; you can use it for a variety of pets.

42" Midwest Gold Exercise Pen Features:

  • Secure Double Latch Door Access
  • Acri-Lock™ Acrylic Coated Gold Zinc - Provides Long Lasting Protection
  • Mesh Size is 1 1/2" x 6"
  • Wire material is a hefty 9 and 11 gauge 
  • Includes Ground Anchors & Corner Stabilizers
  • Available in Five Heights
  • Can Be Used For a Variety of Pets
  • Folds Flat for Convenient Storage and portability
  • One Of The Most Popular Uses Of The Exercise Pen Is As An Addition To A Dog Crate
  • Easy to Set-up (No Tools Needed)
  • Accessory Tops Available (sold separately)

Midwest Gold Pet Exercise Pen Sizes:

  • 540-24 - Midwest Gold Exercise pen -24" - 8 Panels-(24"H x 24"W)
  • 542-30 - Midwest Gold Exercise pen -30" - 8 Panels-(30"H x 24"W)
  • 544-36 - Midwest Gold Exercise pen -36" - 8 Panels-(36"H x 24"W)
  • 546-42 Midwest Gold Exercise pen 42" 8 Panels (42"H x 24"W)
  • 548-48 - Midwest Gold Exercise pen -48" - 8 Panels-(48"H x 24"W) 


Exercise Pen + Crate
Provides the freedom to move and play while
adding the security and comfort of a crate.
(crate sold separately)
 Midwest Gold Exercise Pen for Dogs "

Wire Top for Pet Exercise

Sunscreen for Pet Exercise Pens
Wire Mesh Top
Sunscreen Top
Optional Pen Covers sold separately


Price:  $105.00

   546-42 Midwest Gold Exercise Pen for Dogs 42
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Price: $105.00

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