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Midwest 35Lx24Wx32HPuppy Playpen w/Plastic Pan and 1 Floor Grid

Product #:  224-10
Brand:  MidWest

24-inch Midwest Puppy Dog Playpen w/Plastic Pan 1-inch Floor Grid

Discontinued not available!
Midwest Home for Pets makes your pet’s life more exciting and pleasant, especially for “puppies”. Small playpen for puppies is definitely the best playpen that you can provide your puppies. That is why Midwest Home for Pets introduces the Puppy Playpen which is designed for simple activities that your pets normally do. The Puppy Playpen features a durable, black-satin electro-coat finish. It has an adjustable floor grid to keep your dogs clean and elevated. Also, it folds as flat for easy storage or transportation.

The dog crate has a drop pin corner rods for rigidity and maximum stability, and comes with a tough and easy to clean ABS plastic pan to take all the unwanted dirt and dust that your pets produce. Please feel free to explore this section to find the best dog crate and accessories for your Pets.

  • Provides Puppies a Safe & Adjustable Space of Their Own
  • Durable, Satin Black Electro-Coat Finish
  • Top and Side Openings Provide Convenient Access
  • Adjustable Floor Grid Keeps Dogs Elevated & Clean
  • 1-inch Floor Grid INCLUDED!
  • Optional Extra 1-inch Floor Grate great during cleaning
  • Optional Extra 1/2-inch Floor Grate for puppy playpen usage for smaller puppies
  • Folds Flat for Easy Transportation and Storage
  • Safe and Secure Slide-Bolt Latches
  • Tough, Easy to Clean Plastic Pan(s)
  • Unique "Gap Cover" to Fill the Space Between the 2 Pans

224-10 Midwest Puppy Playpen Size:

  • 224-10 - 35"L x 24"W x 32"H - 1" Floor

Other available sizes of Puppy Playpens:

  • 224-05 - 35"L x 24"W x 32"H - 1/2" Floor
  • 236-05 - 37"L x 36"W x 32"H - 1/2" Floor
  • 236-10 - 37"L x 36"W x 32"H - 1" Floor
  • 248-05 - 48"L x 47"W x 32"H - 1/2" Floor
  • 248-10 - 48"L x 47"W x 32"H - 1" Floor

Available in Two Floor Grid Options...Depending on Your Needs
Protects and Provides Support and Proper Hygiene

Midwest Puppy Playpen 48Lx48Wx30H w/Plastic Pans and 1 Floor Grid 48 5/8L x 25 1/2W x 1 5/8D
 1-inch square floor grids puppy playpen
1/2" Spaced, Easy to Clean Vinyl Coated Floor Grid.
(Model # ending in   "-05")
1" Spaced, Easy to Clean Vinyl Coated Floor Grid.
(Model # ending in "-10")
 1/2-inch square floor grids puppy playpen




Price:  $99,999.99 - $100,029.99

   Midwest 35Lx24Wx32HPuppy Playpen w/Plastic Pan and 1 Floor Grid
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$99,999.99 - $100,029.99

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