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How to Measure for a Metal Dog Crate Replacement Pan Tray

Some dog crate manufacturers have a plate on the dog cage door identifying the dog crate model number.  The dog crate model number can help to match to the pan size needed.

Do you have an existing dog crate pan that fits the dog cage? If you do, measure the pan length and width.

If you do not have an existing pan or tray then measure the dog cage as follows.  First, measure the opening where the pan slides into the dog crate. Most often there is a crate pan slot below the front door which allows the crate tray to slide in and out of the dog crate easily. This opening is typically an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half. Some crates do not have this feature and the crate pan simply slides into the dog cage through the door.  Regardless of the option measure the opening and add 1/4-inch so the pan will slide in and out of the crate easily.  This is the width of the crate pan.  Next, measure to determine the maximum length the pan can be so the crate pan door or crate door will close. Remember to look for any obstructions (wires or dog crate pins) that might prevent the dog crate pan from sliding in the dog crate and closing the cage pan door or dog crate door.

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