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We offer Midwest Dog Crate Divider Panels, and General Cage Divider Panels.  The chart below provides the dog crate dividers based on dog crate model and size.  Not finding the dog crate divider panel you need contact us

Dog Crate Divider Panels add versatility to your pet home and saves you money by allowing you to adjust the dog crate living size as your puppy grows. Use Dog Crate Divider Panels to reduce the size of the crate's "living" area while house-breaking puppies. Dog Crate Divider Panels allow just enough room for sleeping.  If you pets living area is too big she/he will use a portion of the Dog Crate as a disposal area... this is another benefit for using a dog crate divider panel.   

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Crate Divider Panel
Dog Crate Divider Panels Fit Dog Crate Models

Midwest Dog Crate Dividers

502, 602, 702BK, 1224, 1624, 1624DD, 1624UL,1624PC
504, 604, 704BK, 1230, 1630, 1630DD, 1630UL
506, 606, 606DD, 706BK, 1236, 1336, 1636, 1636DD, 1636UL
508, 608, 608DD, 708BK, 1242, 1342TD, 1542, 1542DD, 1642, 1642DD, 1642UL
510, 610, 710BK, 1248, 1348TD, 1548, 1548DD, 1648, 1648DD, 1648UL
99, 99N, 1154, 1154N

General Cage Dog Crate Divider Panels

202, 212, 222, 202SD, 212SD, 222SD, 402, 324
206, 216, 226, 206SD, 216SD, 226SD, 406, 348


Selecting the dog crate divider panel part number will allow you to view display the details of the dog crate divider panels.  Selecting the Dog Crate Dividers link will take you to all Dog Crate Dividers. 

DogLounges aka Dog Crates Beds is your one stop for the most popular Dog Crate Divider Panels!

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