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Custom Metal Dog Crate Pan and Trays Quote Form

How Do I Measure or Select a Dog Crate Tray Replacement?

Measure the width of the opening where the dog crate tray slides into the bottom front of the dog crate, this is the width of the pan, reduce about 1/4-inch from the measurement so the pan will slide into the dog crate without scraping the sides of the dog crate tray. Next, measure the inside of the dog crate when the dog crate pan slides into the dog crate. This is the length of the crate tray. Remember to look for any obstructions (wires or dog crate pins), and make sure there is enough room to close and clip the dog crate pan door.

Use the link below for the size of dog crate pan you need and add the pan to the shopping cart. At the bottom of the shopping cart enter your shipping zipcode - this will provide price and shipping for the metal dog crate pan.  

Links to custom metal dog crate trays:

Metal Dog Crate Tray not over 20-inches
Metal Dog Crate Tray not over 24-inches
Metal Dog Crate Tray not over 33-inches
Metal Dog Crate Tray not over 36-inches
Metal Dog Crate Tray not over 42-inches
Metal Dog Crate Tray not over 48-inches
Metal Dog Crate Tray not over 54-inches

Link to ALL Metal and Plastic Dog Crate Pans

Still need more help? Use the form below to receive a quote for Custom Metal Dog Crate Trays and Pans.  Please be as complete as possible so we can provide you with an accurate quote for galvanized or stainless steel dog crate trays and pans which will include shipping.

The fastest way to receive metal pan quotes is to complete the form below. If you need more than 1 size enter sizes in the Additional Information. You can also simply email us at

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Galvanized Metal Dog Crate Pans Trays - Custom Made Based on Size

Custom Galvanized Metal Dog Crate Pans Trays Overview:

  • metal dog crate trays pans are heavy-duty, 22 gauge galvanized steel
  • edges of metal dog cage pan is smooth, hemmed edges for strength and safety
  • metal dog crate tray pan normally is 1 inch but can be 1-3 inches deep
  • sample metal dog crate pans shown below


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