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Central Metal Products Dog Crates, Dog Crate Pans, Exercise Pens

We carry the following Central Metal Products dog crates and dog crate pans.  If you are looking for a Central Metal product not shown below feel free to contact us.

NEW! Central Metal Products, CMP, Exercise Pens for Dogs.

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2418 CMP Galvanized Steel Metal Dog Crate Replacement Pan

CMP_2418G - 2418 CMP Galvanized Steel Metal Dog Crate Replacement Pan

Your price: $51.00 - $72.00


Central Metal Products Dog Exercise Pens, Ex-Pen Add-a-Panels

CMP Exercise Pens for dogs are top quality pet exercise pens that are impervious to sharp teeth. The door of the exercise pen is an exclusive 22-coil spring designed lock to protect the cleverest dog (escape artist) from exiting the ex-pen.

Do you want a larger area than the traditional 4x4 exercise pen space for your dog? Add a 2nd Dog Exercise Pen and provide your dog with a larger play area! Remember when expanding the Exercise Dog Pen play space this will provide more room for your dog to get a running start to jump the exercise dog pen if your dog is a jumper. 

Free Shipping on Exercise Dog Pens

Free Shipping on Exercise Dog Pens ONLY!


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