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My Buddy Lookout Booster Pet Car Seat

Product #:  SN-80MBLO
Brand:  Snoozer

Snoozer My Buddy Lookout II Booster Pet Car Seat

The Snoozer My Buddy Pet Safety Car Seat: at a Great Price!

Give 'em a boost! The My Buddy pet car seat is designed for larger pets (up to 30 lbs) - or for multiple pet buddies; it will boost your pet up 9 inches from your car's backseat so they can see what's going on.

The My Buddy Car Seat comes with 2 straps and cream sherpa top interior. Requires a rear seat belt length of 44. Available in 17 Cool colors!

New Add the optional Travel Rack to your pet car seat - it snaps on the front of your Pet Car Seat and allows your pet to eat and drink while enjoying the ride.

Snoozer My Buddy Pet Car Seat features:

  • Comfortable foam form
  • Lambs wool interior with nylon quilt exterior secured to foam body with elastic
  • Remove the outer quilt and interior faux lambs wool to wash it
  • Storage tray for added convenience
  • Seat belt slot for security 
  • Includes 2 connection straps to join seat belt and harness  
  • The My Buddy Pet Car Seat makes it easier on you to care for the pets' needs on a trip. Costs less than ordering 2 Lookouts.

Snoozer My Buddy Pet Car Seat size:  30W x 19H x 17D - Pets to 35 pounds!

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Khaki Quilt
Black Quilt
Grey Quilt

Price:  $129.95

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Price: $129.95

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