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Merry Dog House with Roof Deck

Product #:  MPS002
Brand:  Merry

Hand Built Wood Dog Houses - The Dog House with Roof Deck!

Spoil that beloved dog of yours and provide them with a long-lasting beautiful wood dog house! This dog house will shield your dog from the outdoor elements and provide him with a cozy environment to lounge.

With our expertise in wood and our passion for pets, we provide an exclusive line of beautiful wooden pet houses. We believe strongly that having a comfortable place of his own, a pet will feel more secure and thus be happier and better behaved.

The kiln-drying and staining procedures that we employ prolong the durability of the wood and enhance the beauty of the houses. Skillful craftsmen work under strict quality standards to ensure that each house is manufactured to the satisfaction of every customer.
Dog House with Roof Deck

Merry Dog House Room with Roof Deck Features:

This dog house is designed for the smaller animals in your home, and while of a more compact nature, does not sacrifice comfort or style for space. The cedar construction and raised base architecture allows you the freedom to keep this house indoors or outdoors, while keeping your pet warm and dry. As a bonus this house has steps along one side which lead to a wonderful roof-top balcony allowing your pet the freedom to enjoy the weather of the warmer months, while still in the comfort of his own home.

  • Dog House Exterior:  21" Front to Back x 29"W x 26"H
  • Dog House Interior:  18" Front to Back x 18"W x 14"H
  • Dog House Door: 9"W x 11"H 
  • Color - Cedar Brown
  • Unique Distinctive Dog House Design
  • Lightweight, Easy to Handle
  • Dog House has a Removable Roof Top and Bottom Panels for Easy Cleaning
  • Raised Bottom Design Keeps Pets Dry
  • Wood Construction
  • Wood is Kiln Dried and Treated with Natural Color Stains to enhance the Appearance and Durability of the Pet House
  • Stable and Cellular Structure of wood allows the pet house to withstand humidity and extreme temperatures
  • Natural scent of wood creates a calming and pleasant atmosphere
  • Natural Insulating Feature of Wood is 2 - 5 times higher than any other materials used in pet construction
  • May be re-stained like any other wood
  • Assembly
    • Only 11 Component Parts
    • Simple, Easy to follow instructions and all Hardware is included
    • Assembly times is approximately 20 minutes
    • Tools required (1) - Phillip Screwdriver

Merry Dog House Room with Roof Deck recommended for Pets of this size:

  • Merry Dog House Room with Roof Deck is recommended for pets of this size: Yorkshire Terrier, Scottish Terrier, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, Toy Poodle, Beagle AND ALL CATS.

How to measure you pet for a Merry Dog House:

  • The length and width of the dog house should be at least equal to but not more than 25% larger than the distance between the nose and the root of the tail.
  • The height of the dog house should be at least 25% taller and no higher than 50% the height of your standing pet.
  • The door height of the dog house should be at least ¾ of your pet’s shoulder height (from the ground to the neck).
Price:  $139.00

   MPS002 Dog House Merry
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Price: $139.00

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