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K&H Medium Lectro-Kennel Heated Dog Mats 16.5 X 22.5

Product #:  KH1010
Brand:  K&H Manufacturing

K&H Medium Lectro Kennel Heated Dog Mats

KH1010 Medium Heated Dog Mats Feature:
  • Lectro Kennel heated dog mat has been warming pets for over 30 Years.
  • Ideal for Use in a Dog House, Kennel, Garage, Basement or Porch.
  • Internal Thermostat Keeps Temperature at a Desirable 102 Degrees!
  • Constructed of Rugged ABS Plastic and a Steel-Wrapped Cord.
  • Faux Lambskin Covers are Also Available for All Sizes of Heated Kennel Mats!
  • The Unit Is Constructed Of A Rugged Abs Plastic And A Steel-Wrapped Cord

Directions For Use of Headed Dog Mats :

Be sure not to cover the entire doghouse floor with the Lectro-Kennel, as your dog should have a choice to be on or off the Heated Dog Mat. If mounting on a wall, take precaution not to drill through or puncture the Heated Dog Mat in any way, as the Heated Dog Pad is an electrical device. When using Lectro-Kennel as a whelping pad or for geriatric pets, use the Lectro-Temp control to adjust to the desired temperature. This Heated Dog Mat is Ul And CUL Listed. Do your pet a favor and keep him warm!

Heated Medium Dog Mats Size/Dimensions:

  • Small Lectro-Kennel Heated Dog Mats - 12.5 X 18.5 Inches.
  • Medium Lectro-Kennel Heated Dog Mats - 16.5 X 22.5 Inches. (viewing)
  • Large Lectro-Kennel Heated Dog Mats - 22.5 X 28.5 Inches.


Price:  $73.99

   K&H Medium Lectro-Kennel Heated Dog Mats 16.5 X 22.5
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Price: $73.99

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