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KittyWalk Original SUV Pet Stroller

Product #:  KWPS700SUV

KittyWalk Original SUV Pet Stroller

Doubles as a Pet Stroller and a  Pet Carrier All In One!
The most rugged Pet Stroller. The Original SUV Pet Stroller handles curbs, steps and most terrain with ease. The Kittywalk Original SUV Pet Stroller is perfect for strolling down a country lane, around town on a city sidewalk, up a marked hiking trail, or a breezy jaunt along the shoreline.

KittyWalk Original SUV Pet Stroller features:

  • Removable Carrier Section
  • Handy Back Pockets
  • Rear Safety Brake
  • Easily Maneuverable
  • Independently Turning Front Wheels
  • 1/2” Thick Washable Padding
  • Pet Strollers for Pets up to 50 Pounds

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Price:  $199.95

   KittyWalk Original SUV Pet Stroller
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Price: $199.95

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