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Midwest Dog Crate Dolly 5-in Swivel Wheels

Product #:  MW45
Brand:  MidWest Metals

Midwest Dog Crate Dolly

Midwest Dog Crate Dolly is loaded with features to make hauling tasks easier for you! It's strong and the stainless steel material insures durability for years. A heavy duty nylon handle is provided, in addition to the "Full Control" wire handle, that conveniently is stored on board, but out of your way. Strong, 5" (swivel front/rigid back) wheels completes the multitude of features that can be of benefit to you.

Midwest Dog Crate Dolly features:

  • Rugged tubular dog crate dolly
  • Perfect for transporting both dog crate and dog
  • Sturdy 1" steel tubing
  • Stainless Steel for long lasting protection
  • 5" bearing casters (swivel front, rigid back) rated at 125 lbs. each
  • Heavy duty nylon pull handle with comfortable rubber hose grip
  • 42L X 24W Tubular Dog Crate Dolly

Midwest Dog Crate Dolly Size:

  • 42L x 24W
  • 5-inch dog crate dolly casters rated at 125lbs each
  • 1-inch steel tubing
Price:  $132.00

MW45 Midwest Dog Crate Dolly

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Price: $132.00

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