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500 Feet 14 Gauge Solid Core Dog Underground Fence Boundary Wire

Product #:  14GW
Brand:  PSUSA

Solid Core Heavy Duty 14 Gauge Dog Fence Wire - 500 Feet

Use 14GW Heavy Duty Dog Fence Boundary Wire to add additional wire to increase your dog fence area or replace old dog fence underground wire. This dog fence boundary wire will compliment the wire with your existing in-ground pet fencing system.

Heavy Duty Dog Fence Boundary Wire Kits include Boundary Flags. This is ONLY 500 Feet of 14 Gauge Boundary Wire for an Underground Dog Fence System.
Should you need additional Underground Dog Fence Splices you will need to purchase SPLICE-14G.  SPLICE-2 will be to small for the 14-Gauge Wire due to it being thicker.
If you need additional wire and flags, we also offer two sizes of boundary kits, the BD-14K includes 500 feet of 14-gauge wire, 50 flags and 2 splices, the BD-14K-1000 includes 1,000 feet of 14-gauge wire, 100 flags and 2 spices. You can also purchase dog fence boundary wire and flags separately so you can get exactly what you need. Use the guide at the bottom of the page to determine the amount of wire needed to enclose your property.

Our dog fence boundary wire can be used with any pet containment system.

Use the table below to determine exactly how much wire you’ll need based on the size of the area you want to secure. Keep in mind that creating interior loops to boundary off areas like gardens and swimming pools will use more wire. (Table assumes square layout; rectangular layouts may require more wire.)

Area Size
Amount of Wire
1/4 Acre
500 Feet
1/2 Acre
600 Feet
1 Acre
1000 Feet
2 Acres
1300 Feet
3 Acres
1500 Feet
4 Acres
1800 Feet
5 Acres
2000 Feet

For larger areas, use the following formula: Multiply the total acreage by 43,560- i.e. 10 acres x 43,560 = 435,600

Find the square root of the above number - square root of 435,600 = 660 (this is the length of each side of a 10 acre area that is square in shape. Even if your area is not square, if you multiply this number by four, this is the approximate length of the four sides of a 10 acre area.)

Therefore, one would need approximately 2,640 feet of wire to enclose the perimeter of a 10 acre area. You will need additional wire to run from the transmitter to the perimeter and/or for any interior loops, etc.
500 Feet 14 Gauge Solid Core Dog Underground Fence Boundary Wire
Price:  $77.00

   500 Feet 14 Gauge Solid Core Dog Underground Fence Boundary Wire
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Price: $77.00

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