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Cabanna 54-inch Giant Dog Crate Cover NO BED Many Colors

Product #:  SN-82900
Brand:  Snoozer

Cabanna 54-inch XXXLarge Giant Dog Crate Covers NO PILLOW

Our Snoozer 54-inch Giant cabana dog crate cover includes Dog Crate Cover ONLY NO Pillow Bed. The Cabana Dog Crate Cover will dress up your Giant Dog Crate and you will not want to hide no more - Not that you can. Dog crate cover is machine washable and dryable. The Giant Dog Crate Cover is available in multiple great colors. Giant Dog Crate Cover comes with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty.

Cabanna 54-inch Giant Dog Crate Cover Features:

  • Giant Dog Crate Cover has opening on 2 sides to accommodate front or side-door dog crates
  • Roll up flaps or leave down for dog privacy
  • Washable and removable dog crate covers
  • Velcro sewn in to help secure to pet crate
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty

Cabanna 54-inch Giant Dog Crate Cover Size:

  • GIANT Dog Crate Cover: 54"L x 37"W x 45"H

Cabanna 54-inch Giant Dog Crate Cover Color: 

Cabana Dog Crate Cover
 Toro Antique Gold

Price:  $159.85

   Sicilly Coffee Stripe Dog Crate Cover Pet Bed Pillow Set
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Price: $159.85

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