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Emporer Rings Doorway Dog Gate Large

Product #:  DG2L
Brand:  Pets Stop

Large Emperor Rings Indoor Dog Gates in Black or Mocha

Our Large Emperor Rings Indoor Dog Gate is a designer, pressure mounted metal dog gate that is available in a black or mocha.

This uniquely designed pet gate features a walk-through dog gate door, easily secured with a sliding bolt lock. The Emperor Rings pressure mounted dog gate is made of metal to prevent chewing. This elegant pet gate safely secures dogs at doorways without the need to permanently attach it to a wall.

Dog Gate is easy to install and move from one room to room, the Emperor Rings Dog Indoor Dog Gate features a pressure mounted design that does not require tools or assembly to quickly secure your dog gate to most doorway openings. The rubber pressure mounts are designed to gently grip the wall surface without leaving marks.

Emperor Rings Doorway Dog Gate Features:

  • All-steel construction
  • Available in Black and Mocha
  • 32" High x 34-40" Wide 
  • Optional Extension increases Dog Gate to 45-inch wide
  • 2 Extensions increases Dog Gate width to 50-inches 
  • Optional Gap Filler(s) 
  • Space between bars: 2 3/8-inch
  • Pet Gate weighs approx 28-lbs. 

Emperor Rings Doorway Dog Gate Color:

  • Black backorder eta 2/5/18!
  • Mocha (color right)

Mocha Dog Gate

Emperor Rings Doorway Pressure Mount Dog Gates Images:

Emporer Rings Pressure Mount Dog Gates

Emporer Rings Dog Gates

(click Dog Gate larger image view)

(click Dog Gate larger view)

Emperor Rings Doorway Dog Gate - Pet Gate Extensions:

The Pet Gate Extension extends the length of pressure mount gates by up to 5". The extension can be used with any of the Doorway Pet Gates or Hallway Pet Gates.

Emperor Rings Doorway Dog Gate Pressure Mount Dog Gate Options:

Pet Gate Extension
Pet Gate Extension extends the length of pet gate by up to 5". It is usable for either the doorway or hallway gates, and can also be used with the gap filler. Maximum of 2 Pet Gate Extensions per Pet Gate.
Pet Gate Extension Pet Gate Gap Filler is meant to fill the gap that might get too big for small dogs, if the pet gate is fully extended.

Emperor Rings Doorway Pressure Mount Dog Gates Shipping Information:

  • PetsStop Dog Gates 1-3 Days Ground Only!
Price:  $166.25 - $284.25


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$166.25 - $284.25

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