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Dynamic Accents Legacy 32-inch High 4-Panel White Oak Outdoor Pet Dog Gate

Product #:  DA-52123
Brand:  Dynamic Accents

Dynamic Accents Legacy White Oak 4-Panel Outdoor Pet Dog Gate

Our Dynamic Accents Legacy 32-inch High 4-panel Outdoor Pet Dog Gate is made of White Oak which is highly resistant to the environment. It is tough and does not easily scratch or dent, but is somewhat heavy and ideal for outdoor furniture. The wood grain is very distinctive and consistent. Use Teak Oil, Linseed Oil or an Outdoor Stain to match other outdoor furnishings. Allow your Dynamic Accents Legacy White Oak 32-inch 4-Panel Outdoor Pet Dog Gate to weather naturally to a distinguished gray patina.

Dynamic Accents Legacy White Oak 4-Panel Outdoor Pet Dog Gate Features:

  • Constructed of solid White Oak hardwood for outdoor durability
  • Lasting quality through precision mortise and tenon joinery
  • Stainless Steel Double Action hinges on all panels allow for multiple gate formations and for spanning of challenging openings
  • 1¾" gate spindle spacing provides effective containment for all dog breeds
  • Optional 1-Panel add-on allows for easily customize gate width
  • Ships complete with hardware for attachment
  • Gates fold flat for easy storage or transport
  • Velcro strap included for securing into dog pen-type formations and/or for storage
  • Can be coated with Linseed or Teak oil, outdoor stain brand of choice or allowed to weather to an attractive patina
  • Ship fully assembled and ready to use 

Dynamic Accents Pet Dog Gate Shipping

Dynamic Accents Legacy White Oak 4-Panel Outdoor Pet Dog Gate Size:

  • 32-inch Height
  • Up to 72-inch Width or 6ft Span
  • Approx. 30-lbs

Outdoor pet dog gate in a different formation

dynamic accents pet dog gate collapsed
(click pet dog gate for larger image)
(click pet dog gate for larger image)

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Option pet dog gate extension
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Optional Dynamic Accents Legacy Outdoor Pet Dog Gate Extension
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Price:  $260.00 - $352.00

DA-52123 Dynamic Accents Legacy 32-inch 4-Panel White Oak Outdoor Pet Dog Gate


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$260.00 - $352.00

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