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Big Shrimpy Dog Crate Landing Pads and Mats

Product #:  BS-2942
Brand:  Big Shrimpy

Big Shrimpy Dog Crate Landing Pads and Mats

Now your dog can relax with Big Shrimpy's Dog Crate Landing Pad or Mat. This crate pad's slim profile allows for easy transport or placement inside a dog crate. Made with a durable 420 denier nylon base and reinforced with nylon webbing trim, it is tough enough to use anywhere. Manufacturer offers a 2-year limited warranty on this dog crate pad. Like other Big Shrimpy dog products, these dog crate pads are machine washable and dryable.
Every Dog Needs a Space of  Their Own. Whether you're traveling or staying put, your dog needs a place to rest.

Washes Like New, Again and Again. We know these dog crate pads will be on the go, all the time. So we made them with a removable cover and easy to machine wash and dry—even the inner cushion.

Recyclable, Not Just Recycled. We've given you a bunch of reasons that your Big Shrimpy dog crate pad may last forever. But if you ever want to part with it, don't throw it out! Send it back to Big Shrimpy! Big Shrimpy will recycle the fabrics and inner cushion back into a reusable fiber through their Full Circle™ Recycling Program.

Big Shrimpy Dog Crate Pads and Mats

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Price:  $57.95 - $122.95

   Big Shrimpy Dog Crate Landing Pads and Mats
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