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Richell Wooden One-Touch 150 Pet Gate II White

Product #:  R94933
Brand:  Richell

R94933 Richell White Wooden One-Touch Pet Gate in 3 configurations

Pet Barrier Gate is great for an extra-wide entryway!
Like the regular One-Touch, the 150's "tension-mount" design allows you to attach it to a doorway/hallway opening to keep your pet confined to his own "special" area. The gate door allows you to move freely from room to room. The "one-touch" handle design provides the option of opening/closing the gate with one hand. Beautiful Hardwood Construction Complements Richell's Other Fine Wood Pet Products. Gate Openings 32.1" to 62.8" wide.  You have a wide hallway or doorway in your home, then this dog gate is the solution.

R94933 Richell White Wooden One-Touch Pet Gate features:
  • Fits openings from 32.1 to 62.8" wide
  • Tension-mount design keeps gate permanently in place
  • Gate Door opens in both directions to allow ease of movement
  • Latched Gate Handle locks/unlocks easily with one hand
  • Rubber Stoppers protect wall surfaces
  • Beautiful hardwood construction

R94933 Richell Wooden One-Touch Pet Gate Product Information:

R94933 Richell White Wooden One-Touch Pet Gate color:
  • Wood Color: White

R94933 Richell White Wooden One-Touch Pet Gate size:

  • For openings 32.1” - 62.8” wide, attach gate using the Gate only
  • Gate Height 30.5" Tall

Price:  $147.00

R94161 Richell Wooden One-Touch Pet Gate White

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Price: $147.00

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