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500 Feet 20 Gauge Underground Dog Fence Boundary Wire, 50 Flags, 2 Splices

Product #:  BD-20K
Brand:  PSUSA

BD-20K 20 Gauge Dog Fence Wire Boundary Kit - 500 Feet & 50 Flags

Use BD-20K Dog Fence Boundary Kit to add additional wire and flags to increase your dog fence area. This dog fence boundary wire and flag kit will compliment the wire and flags that come with your inground pet fencing system.
Boundary Kits include Boundary Flags and Boundary Wire. You can also purchase dog fence boundary wire and flags separately so you can get exactly what you need. Use the guide at the bottom of the page to determine the amount of wire needed to enclose your property.
Price:  $32.95

BD-18K 18 Gauge Dog Fence Wire Boundary Kit - 500 Feet & 50 Flags


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