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Snoozer Pet Dog Crate Pads Foam

Product #:  snoozer-crate-pads-foam
Brand:  Snoozer Pet Products

Snoozer Pet Water Resistant Pads & Mats

Give your pet the perfect place to sleep while on the go. A 2 inch rectangular foam pad makes this pet bed light-weight and comfortable so you can take it anywhere. Available in 14 different sizes, you can be sure to find the perfect size to fit all your dogs needs.

Snoozer Pet Dog Crate Pads Features:
  • Cream Fur Top on one side and colored fabric on the other
  • Colored fabric side is water-resistant
  • Removable inner liner filled with 2 in. foam

Snoozer Pet Dog Crate Pads Colors:

  • Navy Blue
  • Khaki (shown above)
dog crate mats pads
Snoozer Pet Dog Crate Pads Sizes:
  • #1 (9in. x 15in.)
  • #2 (11in. x 19in.)
  • #4 (15in. x 22in.)
  • #5 (16in. x 24in.)
  • #6 (18in. x 26in.)
  • #7 (21in. x 27in.)
  • #8 (21in. x 32in.)
  • #9 (23in. x 36in.)
  • #10 (26in. x 42in.)
  • #11 (25in. x 36in.)
  • #12 (25in. x 46in.)
  • #14 (28in. x 48in.)  
Price:  $16.95 - $86.90

snoozer-crate-pads Snoozer Pet Dog Crate Pads Foam

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$16.95 - $86.90

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